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Who We Are

AODE Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 1996. Our company specialize in manufacture, R&D and sales of temperature control equipment.To meet the needs of customers better, AODE founded totally three manufacture plants in Shenzhen City, Suzhou City and Tianjin City in 2004, 2007 and 2010, with over 420 employees.AODE Machinery Group set up its headquarter in Kunshan, Jiangsu province in2012. The headquarter covers an area of 14000 square meters, it is a comprehe nsive industrial park integrates R&D, production, office and life.AODE is the sole enterprise specializing in the production of TCU and providing customized solutions in domestic, wields a fully integrated manufacturing and R&D process. AODE keeps long-term strategic partnership with famous foreign mold TCU manufacturers and domestic authority research institutes. Our passion in technological innovation and high standard product quality, wins the recognition and respect from both the industry and our customers.medical disposable mask

QC QC Profile

AODE executes ISO quality management system and CE standard and organic heat medium boiler standard strictly,We aim to be the leader of TCU industry in China with advanced production technologies and innovation,The rigorous working,remarkable quality,and refined craftwork We aim to be the top supplier of temp.control system in China,And to create maximum profit for customers.

Contact Us

Address : #9, Tianyang 3 road, Dongfang Bolevard, Songgang Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Tel : 86-13682516936

Email : Tina.shi@gdaode.com

Worktime: 8:00-02:00

Contact Person: Mrs.Tina Shi

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AODE Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 1996. 

Our company specialize in manufacture, R&D and sales of temperature 

control equipment.To meet the needs of customers better, AODE 

founded totally three manufacture plants in Shenzhen City, Suzhou

City and Tianjin City in 2004, 2007 and 2010, with over 420 employees. 

AODE Machinery Group set up its headquarter in Kunshan, Jiangsu 

province in2012. The headquarter covers an area of 14000 square 

meters, it is a comprehe nsive industrial park integrates R&D, 

production, office and life.medical disposable mask


Our Advantage Service,

1. We have our own developing and designing team, which ensure our own technological and innoative products for customers.

2. For any customes who have new idea about heating and cooling system, just let us know, we will provide an qnique design according to your requirement.

3.For every customer, we will choose the best and imported raw material for our machine.

4. We are manufacturer, factory. So we have abilit of mass production.

 Technical support,medical disposable mask

All of our machines adopt Europe and America advanced technology. And the producing machine are all equipped with advanced system. All of our workers are experienced and skilled!

Besides, most of our components are imported from U.S.A., Germany, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy and so on. So the quality and safety are guaranteed!

Aode machinery provides customers with professional and high-speed before sale, sale, after-sales service, service details are as follows:

  1. Provides customers with a full range of technical support and technical training. Anytime, anywhere.
  2. The whole equipment free one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
  3. Provides customers with the thoughtful usage of maintenance tips and perfect ager-sales service management system.
  4. Received after-sales requirement, technicians will arrive the user factory within 24 hours and handle the equipment failure immediately in China.

Transportation service

DHL Cosco group, China shipping, Fedex are our good partners, which can guarantee the fast and safe delivery to the customer's hand.

Our Team

Huge sales team


Excellent R&D team


Strict quality control system of quality department


Perfect manufacturing system


Best after-sales service and maintenance department


Address: #9, Tianyang 3 road, Dongfang Bolevard, Songgang Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China